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With our salary & benefit benchmarking tool you’ll be sure to attract the best talents in the restaurant and hotel industry!

salary benchmarking

We provide data on salaries in your local market

In today’s highly competitive employment market, paying the right monthly wages is a major competitive advantage.

Staff have a huge choice of hotels / restaurants to work for, businesses that pay the right wages will attract the best talents.

Our market insights will allow you to make smart decisions and to optimize your benefti stragey across your business to ensure a competitve advantage.

What We Offer

We provide salary benchmarking reports based on real date from your competitors.

Sign-up for one of our membership plans (yearly billing) to get the latest salary data.

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Receive personalized salary benchmarking information (position by position) based on your location and business type.

Benefits of met-rics

Attract the best talents

Working with the best talents in the market by paying them farily. Employees that feel valued, by being paid farily, will take better care of your guests.


Met-rics aims to take the guesswork out of salaries. Share real independent salary benchmarking information with your staff, owners, union members, ... and create transparnacy.


Act with confidence on the recruitment market and in the hiring process as you know exactly how much the competion pays for the same job.

Pay right

Pay the right salary to remain competitive while ensuring that you have the best talents working with you.